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    Project description

    Developed - Solution Integrated – Migration and  Numbering Plan Changed.

    The description of the integration services for the implementation of the Phase III Numbering Change, required by the Ministry of Telecommunications, to this operator and which is referred to the mobile telephony service.
    The scope of this project is limited to the following nodes supplied by Ericsson and that are in operation in the fixed and mobile telephone networks CDMA of this operator:
    • 21 AXE switches with Local 7.2 application system
    • 2 central exchanges with the TG application system 5.2.
    • 2 MSC CDMA2000
    • 2 HLR Jambala on hardware "AX V5.0 CDMA MSC"
    • 1 platform E-AAA sw 2.1
    • 1 platform CCE (Core Complete Enabler).
    • 1 platform MoIP Sw 6.0


    Because Ericsson does not produce more software and hardware for HLR Jambala, the solution is based on making the least amount of changes in this platform. The solution described does not include the data migration service for the HLR Jambala V5.1. The MDN must be maintained in the HLR database.
    Therefore it contemplates:
    • Develop and implement software fixes and routing changes in fixed network and CDMA AXE MSCs
    • Migration / re-provisioning of 1xEVDO users on the E-AAA platform
    • Modification of data in the CCE platform
    • Configurations on the MoIP platform
    During the joint preliminary testing phase, it is necessary to define the impact and procedures to address the cases in which users wish to migrate from other networks to the CDMA2000 network of CNT, considering the scenario of Numeric Portability in force in Ecuador.


    The Ministry of Telecommunications as a regulator in Ecuador has asked all fixed and mobile operators to implement the third phase of the Numbering Plan project, which consists of increasing codes by 1 to 2 digits so that they become a Series of 2-digit network codes of the 9Y form. The following table summarizes the required changes:


    It is important to mention that the subscriber identity number remains unchanged. The current system of numbering used in CNT E.P. S.A.
    Wireless users 9 6xx xxxx
    Users PIP (Guayas) 4 3xx xxxx
    Users PIP (Manabí) 5 3xx xxxx
    Users PIP (El Oro) 7 3xx xxxx
    Users PIP (Pichincha) 2 3xx xxxx
    In the case of PIP and wireless users the new numbering system required is as follows:
    Wireless users 96 6xx xxxx
    Users PIP (Guayas) 44 3xx xxxx
    Users PIP (Manabí) 45 3xx xxxx
    Users PIP (El Oro) 47 3xx xxxx
    Users PIP (Pichincha) 22 3xx xxxx
    In addition, the implementation schedule of this denominates "Phase 3 of the Basic Technical Plan of Telecommunication", contemplates the following activities:
    • Partial joint tests: from 01/04/2012 to 30/06/2012
    • Total joint tests, including validation of billing and exchange of CDRs: from 01/05/2012 to 31/07/2012
    • Supervision before change: from 01/08/2012 to 09/29/2012
    • Change Numbering: 09/30/2012
    • Supervision after change: 09/30/2012 to 10/31/2012
    • Implementation of free messages to users: from 09/30/2012 to 10/31/2012.

    Location: Ecuador - Quito
    Employment Type: Remote-Onsite Job
    Job level: Expert Data Migration
    Salary: Competitive
    Closing Date: Completed and Sucessfully
    Soft skills requirements:
    + Developed
    + Solution Integrated + Data Migration + Numbering Plan Changed

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